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    Weiner redux: site-specific action

    | 2008-05-12 | 08:54
    temos: ENGLISH,MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ,performansai

    I am living in Serbia but I grew up in New York City. My art practice consists of creating objects, and then defining seemingly impossible actions for these objects that usually require the help of strangers. I have recently enacted an action that fits the Migrating Reality Project.


    In 1969, Lawrence Weiner laid out his instruction piece A STAKE SET IN THE GROUND IN DIRECT LINE WITH A STAKE SET IN THE GROUND OF AN ADJACENT COUNTRY. In 2008, I performed this seemingly straight-forward piece, in a way that casts doubt as to whether or not I have faithfully followed his instructions.

    I placed one stake in Serbia, and one stake in Kosovo. Many would say I placed those two stakes in the same country. Many would not. When Kosovo declared independence, and different countries chose to recognize or refuse to recognize this declaration of nationhood, the nature of the piece started to change.

    The fluid and subjective realities of the border questions the validity of even this simple action.

    Here is documentation and satellite map of the stakes’ positions.


    More related projects you can find at www.christopher-robbins.com.

    temos: ENGLISH, MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ, performansai |

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    2 komentarai “Weiner redux: site-specific action”

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