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    VMS_2: strategies of tactical media: noise makes sense

    | 2007-02-22 | 11:32
    temos: interneto sfera,medijų studijos,taktinės medijos,VMS

    The second session of VMS (Vilnius Media Seminar) has taken place in Vilnius Art Academy on 19th of February (2007). The topic this time was "Strategies of tactical media: noise makes sense".  At first during the seminar the tactical media as a concept was presented and then the significance of tactical media in Eastern Europe was discussed. The key speakers were Alexei Krivolap [BY] and Benjamin Cope [UK, PL]. The moderation was held by Vytautas Michelkevicius. At the moment we are publishing audio files and pictures from the seminar and in a meanwhile we are going to publish the presentations as a working papers here as well.

    There were around 30 participants in this seminar. Alexei Krivolap presented the situation of tactical media in Ukraine and Belarus. He screened two tactical media pieces: the serial from Belarus "Web-master & Margarita" which is a remake of very popular russian soap opera "Master & Margarita" and tactical media pieces from Ukraine – "Funny Egs". 
    Benjamin Cope has presented his experience in making radio shows to Polish radio stations. His experiences in travelling all around the country and interviewing local people without having good polish skills was very much of the tactical nature. You can listen to these presentations and discussion here.

    Alexei Krivolap (first from the left) excerpts of presentation (mp3, 6:14)

    Benjamin Cope (first from the right) presentation (mp3, 24:57)

    Discussion on tactical media (mp3, 28:57)

    temos: interneto sfera, medijų studijos, taktinės medijos, VMS |

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