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    VMS is starting up on the 2nd of june

    | 2006-05-27 | 15:44
    temos: VMS

    1st session of VMS (Vilnius Media Seminar) is going to be on the 2nd of June, Friday, 14.00, at Department of Philosophy in Vilnius  university, 301 room, Universiteto g. 9/1, Vilnius

    Lithuania through the eyes of Belarusian media: a case study of TV film "Litva"

    Vilnius Media Seminar (VMS) is an open research seminar of media culture in Vilnius. It is a series of seminars, which has a goal to create an independent and free space for research communication between Belarusian and Lithuanian researchers, fellows, students; and to support scientific co-operation between two neighbourhood countries. The presentation of actual media theories and critical thought is among main goals as well.

    More about VMS.

    Seminar program:

    • Screening of TV film “Litva” (ONT, Beralus, 2006; 70 min.)
    • Analysis of the film: 15 min. presentations by key speakers from Belarus and Lithuania (70 min.);
    • Questions and open round table discussion (40 min.)

    TV film “Litva” is a part of TV documentary series “Fifteen” (about the situtation of former SSRS states in our days), which was broadcasted on Belarusian TV-channel ONT (Obchenazionalnoe Televidenie, http://www.ont.by/) from February 20th till March 9th 2006.

    Nadezda Cvirko, the author of the film “Litva”: “I worked with the Baltic states. Certainly, at first sight everything seems so beautiful – expensive shops, hyper markets, restaurants… But only when you communicate with people, you begin to feel this country: then you really get acquainted with the situation and understand that everything is not so simple, everything is not so unequivocal. It was very difficult to overcome a charm of these countries in order to take an objective look at their situation”.

    • Theoretical frameworks of film analysis
    • gender studies (Nadia Gusakovskaya, EHU, Minsk)
    • media studies (Alexei Krivolap, EHU, Minsk)
    • cultural studies (Jekaterina Lavrinec, VU)
    • film philosophy (dr. Nerijus Milerius, VU)
    • semiotics (Lina Grinceviciute, VU)
    • political and ideological analysis (Tomas Tomilinas, VU)

    Presentations will be published as “working papers” in www.balsas.cc

    VMS team:
    Alexei Krivolap, EHU, Minsk
    Jekaterina Lavrinec, VU, VGTU, Vilnius
    Vytautas Michelkevičius, VU, VDA, Vilnius
    VMS is hosted by www.balsas.cc  (internet journal on media culture), more information
    at balsas@vilma.cc  
    1st VMS co-organizer: VU FSF Department of Philosophy (VU FSF Filosofijos katedra)


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