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    Visual Impressions from Migrating Reality in Berlin (2nd part)

    | 2008-04-11 | 00:31
    temos: architektūra,įvykis,bendruomenės,dialogai,ENGLISH,instaliacijos,interaktyvumas,judantis vaizdas,komunikacija,menas,MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ,mokslas ir technologijos,naratyvai,naujosios medijos,tinklo kultūra

    The second day of Migrating Reality was devoted for the presentation of art projects. The sleeping minds were awaken by choreographer Rasa Alksnytė presentation on Migrating Birds
    (Migruojantys paukščiai) project. The most intrigueing part was video documentation of choreographic performance which came out from her everyday excercises with project participants.

    [youtube qdaGYH8-Ja8]

    The second day presentations was nicely moderated by Hubertus von Amelunxen and Žilvinas Lilas.
    Austrian media artists Johannes Deutsch has presented Vision Mahler, i.e. how he tried to transform Mahler’s symphony into visual 3D experience. Below you can see storyboard of the transformation/migration process.



    Architect and professor Frans Vogelaar was talking on his studio Hybrid Space and on the notion of "Idensity" where density of connections meet together.


    Architect Bernardas Bagdanavičius has presented his artistic research into sound structures (with references to Schoenberg). He is experimenting in making a cube from strings of electric guitar.

    The project "Pixel Memories" was present by Daniel Barthélémy, Gilles Bollaert.


    The group of French artists and developers Frédéric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet, Thierry Guibert, Christian Laroche presented impresive project Sliders – the collective experience of interactive cinema.

    The event has ended with a friendly reception at the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts in Berlin).



    See more about Programme – Exhibition and Abstracts & CV.

    temos: architektūra, įvykis, bendruomenės, dialogai, ENGLISH, instaliacijos, interaktyvumas, judantis vaizdas, komunikacija, menas, MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ, mokslas ir technologijos, naratyvai, naujosios medijos, tinklo kultūra |

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