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    vasaros stovykla-seminaras Estijoje EXERCISES ON ADHOCRACY

    | 2007-07-01 | 14:36
    temos: idėjos ir teorijos,kvietimai,menas,renginiai,tinklo kultūra,tinklo politika

    Date: July 10-16, 2007
    Venue: Former space of Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space
    Lõuna Street 20, Pärnu, Estonia
    Website: www.biennaleofyoungartists.org

    A summer camp focusing on self-organisation and grass-roots democracy in
    the context of contemporary art and transforming civil society.

    Exercises on Adhocracy is a one-week summer camp gathering self-organised
    initiatives from the field of contemporary art to meet and work in Pärnu,
    developing ideas on independency and autonomy, collaborative work and
    collectivity, counter-publicity and alternative economic structures.
    Exercises on Adhocracy examines the possibilities for cultural and
    political autonomy in contemporary society from the perspective of
    independent art initiatives who have developed their practice in a
    specific place and context.
    The term ?adhocracy? is a portmanteau of the Latin ad hoc, meaning ?for
    this purpose?, and the suffix -cracy, from the Greek cratein, meaning ?to
    govern?. In its essence, adhocracy is a mode of social organisation that
    relies on non-hierarchic and decentralised power relations. The workshop
    takes place in Pärnu, a place that holds a special position in the
    cultural landscape of Estonia, thanks to a variety of self-organised

    Participating initiatives: ARTISHOK (web-blog for art criticism), Tallinn;
    K@2 (independent culture and information centre), Liepaja; PRELOM (journal
    for images and politics), Belgrade; SEKCJA (internet art magazine),
    Warsaw; SWOP NETWORK (artist?s network), Aarhus.

    Contributors: Maarin Ektermann, Anna Lazar, Santa Mazika, Karol
    Sienkiewicz, Lise Skou, Jelena Vesic.

    Exercises on Adhocracy is the third event in the series of Public
    Preparation project: the public preparation phase for the upcoming
    Biennale of Young Artists in Tallinn in October 2007. Public Preparation
    is a sequence of informal encounters which at the same time constitutes
    the publicly visible preparation process of the Biennale as well as the
    course of preparing and educating the public for the Biennale.

    Exercises on Adhocracy is organised by Rael Artel and Airi Triisberg.

    The camp language is English.

    Low-comfort accommodation will be provided for free.

    PLEASE REGISTER at publicpreparation(a)gmail.com.

    The time schedule and workshop descriptions are published at

    For further information please contact:
    Rael Artel, co-curator for the Biennale of Young Artists; project
    co-ordinator for Public Preparation.
    e-mail: moskva80(a)moskva80.com

    Airi Triisberg, project co-ordinator for Public Preparation.
    e-mail: airi_triisberg(a)yahoo.com

    Exercises on Adhocracy is kindly supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment,
    Pärnu City Government and Pärnu Sütevaka Private High School of

    temos: idėjos ir teorijos, kvietimai, menas, renginiai, tinklo kultūra, tinklo politika |

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