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    unfinished notes on transmediale.07 (summary)

    | 2007-02-12 | 12:30
    temos: ENGLISH


    The theme of transmediale.07, the leading European festival of art and digital culture, sounded as Unfinish! The event ended up appearing to be unfinished indeed, but rather because it lacked a sense of direction than because of intentional design. It seems that the festival, in its pursuit to avoid endings and finishes of any kind, tried to cover just too many grounds to remain coherent and integral. Besides, the 20th edition of Transmediale just could not resist flirting with its own history and its initial format of a video art festival, which only added to its scattered feel.

    Responding to the festival’s encouragement to “refrain from finishing one’s world”, the reviewer does not seek to review it as a whole (especially since there hardly was one). Instead, she randomly mentions some of the festival’s parts that seemed important one way or another. One of the more impressive ones was a presentation by the famous Australian artist Stelarc, who has been exploring the “automatic” nature of the human body since the 70s, stating that the body as a product of will is an obsolete construct. Meanwhile, a conference titled "Media Art Undone" revealed four very different views on today’s controversial relationship between contemporary art and media art, as well as the latter term’s viability under present conditions in the art world.

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