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    trolleybus nr. 0: a trip through Vilnius’ sound diaries (summary)

    | 2006-11-05 | 12:40
    temos: ENGLISH

    Public transport is rarely viewed as something other than the domain of routine, automatic practicality and regulated monotony. Can it become a medium for a more engaging and immersive experience of the urban space? As this poetic review by Tautvydas Bajarkevičius shows, it certainly can. However, an alternative transport route is necessary for that to become reality – such as the route of trolleybus Nr. 0.

    Trolleybus Nr. 0 is the culminating part of PB8_001_V, media artist Andrius Rugevičius’ (better known as PB8) project occupying a multifaceted territory that spans psychogeography, mediation, urban anthropology, collective strategies and self-exportation. The route of the “irregular” vehicle is a loop that offers its passengers an adventure instead of a usual trip with the starting and destination points. It merges different experiences and sound diaries of the city, with PB8 himself mixing the collective soundtrack for the trip as the trolleybus rides through Vilnius’ various zones, alternating between subtle ambience and pulsating beats. Besides that, trolleybus Nr. 0 is a cozy place to meet one’s friends in the know and browse the capital’s sonic map together, welcoming the accidental commuters who happen to go in the same direction.

    temos: ENGLISH |

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