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    the Korsakow syndrome effects: Interactive Film Lab @ Synch 2006 (summary)

    | 2006-07-28 | 12:56
    temos: ENGLISH

    The Korsakow syndrome is a medical term for the intense disorder of short-term memory (characteristic of the state of alcoholic intoxication). With that in mind, Korsakow-System is a telling name for an interactive film creation application, the purpose of which is essentially to twist and tangle the narrative nature of everyday. The most frequently cited feature of the program is its ability to add some variety to the otherwise unexciting documentaries.

    However, the Interactive Film Lab, organized by Mediamatic as part of the innovative music, moving image and media art festival Synch 2006 in Athens, demonstrated that the application’s possibilities are much broader. The practical part of the workshop presented works that ranged from “hypertextual” films to projects that played around with the interaction between different audio and visual information simultaneously projected on several screens. Still, the majority of works revolved around the narrative film form, albeit multiplying the narrative lines and assembling them in different combinations. The conceptual background was provided during the public lectures by various theorists and practitioners of interactive media, including one of the pioneers of extended cinema Malcolm Le Grice, who induced the practical works’ authors to rethink the very concept of interactivity.

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