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    the ins and outs of media philosophy: an interview with Tomas Sodeika (summary)

    | 2007-06-09 | 12:17
    temos: ENGLISH

    The number of various “specialized” philosophies is constantly multiplied: philosophy of language, philosophy of technology, philosophy of science, and now media philosophy. This might be seen as a natural reaction to the modern isolation of areas of knowledge, as philosophies of these highly specialized areas aim to reconcile them with fundamental and universal aspects of human life. Media philosophy, however, has a special position among them; dealing with multiple subjects ranging from communication to religion, this interdisciplinary field of study is close to being a philosophy of contemporary culture.

    Tomas Sodeika, the initiator of the new MA level programme in Media Philosophy at the Kaunas University of Technology, comments on the importance of media philosophy and his approach to teaching it. Producing messages instead of merely mediating them, the new media also allow expressing philosophical content in forms other than written text, thus the study programme is oriented toward exploring various alternatives, including practical audiovisual applications. Though a degree in Media Philosophy might still seem exotic, it is unlikely that the alumni of the only programme of this kind in Lithuania will be left unemployed, says the philosopher.

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