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    the information society is an “occidental rupture” (summary)

    | 2006-06-24 | 12:59
    temos: futurizmas


    There’s a big difference between the terms information society and informational society. While the first one refers to a society saturated with telematic technologies that become its basic structural element, the second is the radical form of the first, a radically new epoch where all the essential processes take place in the digital domain (which hasn’t arrived yet). Taken one step further, the information society becomes the knowledge society, where competence and ability to effectively use it become just as important as the dissemination of information itself.

    In this entertaining interview, Marius Povilas Šalkauskas, the head professor of information society studies at Vilnius University, discusses the nature of information society in simple terms that even the uninitiated can possibly understand. Among other things, the professor expresses his disappointment over the issue of mixing the three mentioned terms by Lithuanian strategists and policymakers, recommends rejecting the attempts to create a knowledge society in favor of creating the conditions for its development, and warns against being misled into thinking that a global information society exists, calling it a purely “occidental rupture”.

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