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    reviewing the first conference: are there blogs and bloggers in Lithuania? (summary)

    | 2007-03-15 | 12:26
    temos: ENGLISH

    Are there blogs and bloggers in Lithuania? If yes, what is a Lithuanian blogger like? The purpose of the first Lithuanian Bloggers’ Conference, held in March 2007, was probably to find this out. Though no definite answer was offered, Vytautas Michelkevičius, the observer of the event, attempts to decode the answer from what he saw and heard at the conference.

    The critic’s conclusions are not too optimistic. Far from being the platform for participative journalism and civil activism that blogs seek to be in other parts of the world, Lithuanian blogs tend to resemble mere online diaries, concerned with trivial topics that might be of interest only to the blogs’ authors and their friends. A typical Lithuanian blogger is, simply put, a consumer reflecting on his daily life, short-term dreams and newly acquired gadgets. These observations lead the author of the review to assume that Lithuanian blogosphere is still in the early stage of its development, not quite qualifying as the viable alternative to corporate mass media yet.

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