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    Migrations: A Global Portrait (a piece for string orchestra)

    | 2008-03-30 | 16:01

    Migrations is a musical portrait of the world, depicted in seven movements for string orchestra. The world stands at the proverbial crossroads, whichever way one looks, restlessness, chaos, disasters, and disorder abound. Humanity is weary of this present state of affairs. Inwardly, each person, family, and nations yearn for the elusive peace and stability. Thus, the restless migrations. This global condition is cast in seven movements.


    #1 Confusion: Present State of affairs—is a symbolic representation of present day chaos. It is depicted with a recurrent agitating eighth note motif. The vision of peace and serenity is encountered in the 3/4 peace theme that follows. The movement ends with the agitating opening motif.

    [Download 1st Movement in mp3]

    #2 Restlessness: The Quest for Peace—The quest ensues. Humanity is on the move, restless, forced to seek peace. Thus, the metronomic, cross-rhythmic march-like and restless persistence of this movement.

    #3 Despair and Perseverance—it’s cloudy, hopeless, and foggy. The hardly discernible, disguised, and buried asymmetrical melody in five-four represents a hidden ray of hope to those who can find it.

    #4 Hope and Yearning—mankind has no choice but to be hopeful. This longing and hopefulness is cast in the fast paced and light-footed pentatonic polyphony.

    #5 Anticipation and Anxiety—uncertainty sets in, the much longed for peace is no longer far off, but the wait is more impatient. Humanity experiences a taste of peace represented by a modified version of the 3/4 peace theme from the first movement.

    #6 Nostalgia—weariness sets in, man resigns himself to his fate, it will be fulfilled any time now, longing grows into hope

    #7 Peace at Last—it is done, at long last, after much weariness, it is calm again, peace is achieved. The opening motif and the peace theme is heard. The work and movement concludes with slow, expressive, and high violins with inner moving melodies.

    Paul Konye was born in Lagos Nigeria, he is a musicologist, conductor, composer, and violinist. His musical education spans three continents; Africa, Europe, and North America. Paul Konye is the founder and conductor of the Clifton Park Community Orchestra, Siena Chamber Orchestra, and the Muson Symphony Orchestra. He is also a violinist with the Clifton Park Community String Quartet and the Siena Community String Quartet.
    He studied composition with Joe Baber at The University of Kentucky from where he also obtained his doctorate in musicology. As a scholar, Dr. Konye makes no distinction between Western and African musicology. It is Dr. Konye’s belief that musicology as an academic discipline should transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, but delineated by genre—art/folk/traditional/popular, etc.


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