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Migrating Realities | Balsas: aktualios ir medijų kultūros žurnalas
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    Migrating Realities

    | 2008-05-23 | 11:11
    temos: ENGLISH,MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ,mokslas ir technologijos,naratyvai,sociumas

    In a post-nuclear/pre-singularity accelerated state, witness the sempiternal subjectivization of observation. Where the post-modern announced the criticality of it’s occurrence, the transinformationalist concedes it’s abstraction and indexicality. Such is a crucial centrality on which the transformal and eschatological terminality with which a contemporary discussion concerning migration and the real become situated on.

    Migrating towards a new of indexical subjectivization – intermediated, redundantly stored and searchable. The significant atemporality – devoid of event horizon, action, and totality. A new which ultimately eviscerates the platonic real, subjugated by the virtu-real. It’s breathtaking speed of migration impinges towards it’s limit; infinitely and asympototically. It is a new whereas the virtu-real is measured in a constant becoming through exponentially dogmatic structures of symptomatic dysfunctionalism. Speed-acceleration-terror-blood-tissue-war electronically amplified virtu-real.

    Furthered through an architecture of militarism, of superconnectionism, of hypercapitalist commodity-pricing inflationism; it is the urbanist transposition of a constant intermediated electronically-amplified transparent projection. The virtu-real, route reflected through BGP classless interdomain route advertisements between level 1 internet carrier backbone switching peers.

    The multiplicity of screens, featuring and enabling the endless discursion and feedback mechanism abounding to a state and condition of being existentially superinert. A panoptical dispersion of explosive memetic emergence dominating the conjecture of neological perceptivity. The virtu-real of more entropy; heightened energy; incredible valence; magnanimous uncertainty; utter apoliticality; banal randomness.

    A polarity of multiplicity, engendering endless interconnectivity, expansionist, manifold, and substantiated through emergent indices of yet to be determined endpoints. A morphological ecology of infinitely-looped continuums, migrating and transferring, downloading and filesharing, ripping and torrenting.

    Our reactivity, our disjunction, and our own real, sublimated by the virtu-real becomes further abounded and distanced from the biological objectivity of sensual reduction and cognitive didacticism. Googling our neurons, mapping our pathways, and empirically manufacturing a ruthlessly speed-obsessed awareness of meaninglessness, mediocrity, idiocy, and madness. The redundant and extenuated circumstances of hegemonic deliberation witnessed concurrently across our terrestrial hemispheres, migrating towards a new of hyperviolence, endless war, destruction, sexualization, and technocratic autocontrol.

    A migration distanced from the anonymity of IP-based exchanges, towards a actuality of cybernetic life-totalization.

    It has never been the same. It is always shifting. But this shift of becoming is now approaching the logarithmic.

    A virtu-real of pandemic destabilization. Of reflected, syslogged, and pixilated sadomasochism. The activity becomes inexhaustibly recorded, generatively witnessed and neurologically interprocessed for pathological mind framing. The migration towards a psychological of the torture commons. Television and cinema ping, traceroute, and mirror the eternal path towards a contemporary primitive – man returns to early man; a reaction against the spectral intention of futurity and progress. Migrating away from a moderative norm of civil contract and towards innumerable extremes of bottom-oriented crowd sourced ochlocracy.

    A migration away from a class stratification as a function of object-oriented consumption rates, and towards one of network data rates. A translation indicative of host bidirectionality, protocol understanding, and network interdependency. A connectionist super class, maintaining a ultimate hyperawareness of indexed and stored subjectivities.

    A migration away from centralized authoritarians, and towards the total equalization of legality. The jurisprudence by keystroke. Conviction by blogroll in the public sphere of six billion chattering hominoids banging endlessly away on Mac air books and listening to iPods. The amateurization of content, the prosumeric acclimation of incidental cultural hyperrepetition.

    Chad Scoville is a engineer and interdisciplinary artist based in New York City.

    temos: ENGLISH, MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ, mokslas ir technologijos, naratyvai, sociumas |

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