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    “metatheoretical semantic swamp” and other fragments of the art + communication: waves festival (summary)

    | 2006-09-02 | 12:52
    temos: ENGLISH

    The 10th Art + Communication festival, taking place in Latvia’s capital, justified the theme chosen for this year’s event (Waves), presenting a broad spectrum of philosophical, scientific and artistic perspectives on subjects like radio technology, electromagnetic waves and astronomic observations. While some of the program’s parts chose a strictly technical approach, other gravitated toward metaphysical interpretations of various wave-related phenomena. Some participants even engaged in constructing pseudoscientific “semantic swamps”, coming close to New Age-like speculations.

    According to Armin Medosch, one of the festival’s curators, an artist working with advanced technologies will inevitably deal with two essential elements: waves and code. The first is the naturally spreading “eternal medium”, the second is the means of its organization. The codes chosen for structuring the waves of the tenth Art + Communication were very diverse: from Gints Gabrans’ “hypnoteleportation” performance to Radioqualia’s sonification of electromagnetic waves emanating from the Sun, including exhibitions, conference presentations, sound and video art sessions. Such diversity and richness of the festival’s content leads one to hope for similar initiatives to emerge in Lithuania, concludes the reviewer.

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