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    Lithuanian experiences on Amazon.com: remixing, writing, publishing (summary)

    | 2007-01-30 | 12:32
    temos: ENGLISH

    Today’s online sales systems, like Amazon.com, are more than just mechanisms for ordering physical products. In the case of books, Amazon’s free “extra-value” statistical services (indexing of frequently used words, summaries of other customers’ preferences, etc.) enable a radically different experience of reading, questioning the very need to read a book from the beginning to the end. In addition, they might influence the process of writing itself. In a way, this phenomenon is parallel to the development of the “remix culture”, which seeks to present the existing information in a more “user-friendly” way.

    Algirdas Javtokas and Nigel Tomm are among the very few Lithuanian authors whose books can be bought via Amazon.com. Javtokas’ Beta Algebra is an alternative algebra book with empty spaces left for the readers to develop the presented basic ideas. Tomm’s books are literary remixes of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and sonnets that attempt to make the source text more modern and attractive. This interview with the two touches on their understanding of the reading and writing processes, employed creative strategies, and experience of their books being distributed by the online sales giant. Surprisingly, both authors admit that they don’t notice a significant influence of the latter on their writing techniques.

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