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    is there anything inside? (summary)

    | 2007-06-07 | 12:19
    temos: ENGLISH

    A black box can be a metaphor for both mystification and knowledge. If it stands for knowledge, however, then most probably it is knowledge that is illegal in a way, knowledge about an event that one did not witness. When the metaphor of black box is used to refer to the catalogues of an art exhibition, it might be inferred that this exhibition is more about mystifying concepts and narratives than actual objects or events, resembling a game that the visitors are invited to take part in. For that to work, though, the visitors must be aware of the game and willing to participate, otherwise they might wonder if there is anything inside the black box at all.

    Art critic Ilona Jurkutė and philosopher Audronė Žukauskaitė are trying to find out if there was anything inside the black box of the 9th Baltic International Art Triennial, aptly themed BMW (Black Market Worlds). While some commentators suggested that the exhibition was a criticism of the way the media generate hype around art and sought to unveil the hidden processes of the art market (thus justifying its subthemes of illegal knowledge, shadow economy and black magic), it is evident that BMW itself became a manifestation of the “aesthetic of triviality”. After all, it is impossible to criticize the market and the media without becoming a part of them.

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