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    Flag Metamorphoses

    | 2008-05-17 | 14:51
    temos: ENGLISH,menas,MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ,terorizmas,tinklo politika

    Flag Metamorphoses is a participatory art project – a continuously
    growing series of animations with many authors: The flags of every
    nation in the world will transform into each other through flash
    animations. Between each two flags, scenes appear to show an aspect
    of the relations between the two countries – an exploration into the
    meaning of imagery on flags, aiming to create interrelated
    associations through questioning, reassessing, fluidizing and re-
    mixing of diverse national iconography.

    Flag Metamorphoses lays stress on the relations between nations as
    changing ones: Only in the permanent re-creation of values, symbols
    and ways of life, in mixing with others and differing from others,
    identities, cultures and societies stay alive. Each artist who
    creates a flag animation expresses such a relation in his/her own way.

    To see more the Flash flag animations (with synopsis) and the list +
    photos of exhibitions and festivals, please visit: www.flag-metamorphoses.net


    Croatia-USA: Slobodan Tomiæ


    The ideas of freedom and independence are transformed into a caricature-like mixture of populist ideologies, cheap consumerism and all-pervasive globalization: The Croatian flag is being gradually supplemented by characters from history. They have become interwoven thus creating a game throughout which different ideology types have been in conflict. However, after a revolutionary emerging of the new independent state Croatia,  the ideals and traditional values are gradually weakening against a much stronger enemy – the international conformism.


    Brazil-China: Myriam Thyes 


    Since 1995, the Amazon rain forest has shrunk by 1,7m hectares a year and has been turned into farmland. During the same period, China has lost more than 6m hectares of arable land to cities, factories, roads and deserts. Brazil produces millions of tonnes of soya beans for China: Since 1995, soya bean imports from Brazil to China have increased ten thousand %. The pulses are now by far the most important item on the bilateral balance sheet, 2004 worth more than a third of Brazil’s sales volume to Beijing.

    temos: ENGLISH, menas, MIGRUOJANTI REALYBĖ, terorizmas, tinklo politika |

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