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english | Balsas: aktualios ir medijų kultūros žurnalas
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    Journal on Media Culture “BALSAS”

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    BALSAS (eng. literally “voice”) is a omni-directional medium, which is streaming information to the audience and receiving an echo in a form of a public discussion.

    Articles translated in English.

    BALSAS is an interdisciplinary journal on media culture. BALSAS started as an initiative of VILMA (Vilnius Laboratory of New Media), which goal is to introduce the media culture to Lithuania. BALSAS wears a format of new media, whereas content is created with participatory principle by participants/readers and with editorial principle by editors. BALSAS has an intention to create a digital and critical community, which develops the discourse of media culture in Lithuania.
    BALSAS among other activites is organising a series of Vilnius Media Seminars (VMS), which a discussion between Belarusian and Lithuanian young  researchers and activists.

    Since 2007 October BALSAS is runing on MAIN TOPIC basis, which means that every 3-4th month we have a new topic announced. The new  topic MIGRATING REALITY is going on since the 1st of March 2008. Call for papers/audio-visual works.

    Journal is exploring these topics:

    Editor: Vytautas Michelkevicius (balsas@vilma.cc) – media theorist and activist; PhD student in communication and information studies at Vilnius University

    Co-founders group:
    Geert Lovink (NL), Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (LT), etc.

    Editorial board: Lina Michelkevičė (journalist and translator from Finnish and English), Valentinas Klimasauskas, Kestas Kirtiklis, Dangė Čebatariūnaitė (translator from German).

    ISSN 1822-2870


    Since 2008: Public Institution (NGO)  "Mene"
    Aguonu 19-322, Vilnius, LT-03213, Lithuania;
    www.mene.cc, info@mene.cc, balsas@vilma.cc;

    2005-2007: Public institution „jutempus“ (NGO),
    Ševčenkos g. 19, LT-03111, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Journal on media culture "BALSAS" is supported by

    Lithuania Media Support Foundation