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    documenta 12: is modernity our antiquity? (summary)

    | 2007-06-24 | 12:13
    temos: ENGLISH

    Kassel’s quinquennial documenta, the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary art, usually aims to reflect the current global trends in the latter. The 12th edition of what has become to resemble a festival, however, seems to break away from that tradition. It is rather an attempt to take a retrospective look at the history of art – in particular, modernism – and review its relationship with contemporary art. One of the exhibition’s three “leitmotifs”, formulated as questions, sounds as follows: “Is modernity our antiquity?” While the idea might seem intriguing, this year’s documenta has received a fair share of criticism.

    The author of this critical review, having been able to explore the 12th exhibition as a media representative, shares some of his impressions and observations. As the group of local protesters encountered just outside documenta illustrates, it is debatable that a huge 20 million euro-worth event makes the unremarkable town of Kassel more culturally rich. Especially if the exhibition turns into a presentation of works that impress the curators much more than they do the visitors, not quite achieving the stated ambitions.

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