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    Centras’06: a romantic end (summary)

    | 2006-12-05 | 12:38
    temos: ENGLISH

    The fifth Centras, which took place on 24-29 November, was at the same time the last one. During these five years, Kaunas’ multimedia art and music festival did a lot to kickstart the careers of many up and coming Lithuanian artists, providing an open platform for their experiments. Started small by a couple of likeminded enthusiasts in 2002, Centras grew to become a full-fledged multimedia festival incorporating audiovisual performances, exhibitions, lectures and video screenings. Yet there’s always a proper time for something to come to an end, as the festival’s organizer Gediminas “Skrandis” Banaitis believes. The annual event ceased to be the only starting point for young multimedia artists, and better and more focused events will no doubt appear in its place.

    The end of Centras was not very mournful, though; in a way, it was even romantic. The festival’s last edition, with its emphasis on live performances (delivered by the likes of Donis, Fusedmarc and Rüt Rüt), exhibited clear parallels with the very first one, providing the devoted visitors with an opportunity to compare the beginning and the end of Centras. Quite symbolically, it also ended with a debut, proving that it stayed true to its purpose to the end.

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