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    a critical view on the metaphysics of commenting (summary)

    | 2006-11-02 | 12:43
    temos: ENGLISH

    Both the work of art and its comment can be viewed as statements. However, while the former is (at least ideally) a primary, active and independent one, the latter depends on the object that it comments and is therefore secondary. Both types of statements are important; the problem arises only when the second type starts to prevail in the art sphere. Works of art that attempt to be critical comments on other works, artists and whole periods in the history of art can gradually replace the commented autonomous works, breeding tautological “comments on comments” and eventually becoming self-referential.

    The exhibition titled comments@3xpozicija: postphotographic states in contemporary art, collectively curated by the means of a virtual community connected by a weblog, is a postphotographic exhibition in the sense that it presents works that critically reflect on the very medium of photography. The problem with this exhibition is that it assumes “traditional” photography to be an irremediably obsolete and exhausted form. There is no denying that the participating young artists can effectively deconstruct and demystify the stereotypes and myths of the photographic medium. On the other hand, seeing their autonomous statements on the nature of reality would be much more interesting, says the critic.

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