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    3xpozicija.lt: using a weblog to curate an exhibition (summary)

    | 2006-08-12 | 12:54
    temos: ENGLISH

    The 3xpozicija.lt virtual community is the first project in Lithuania that employs the platform of a weblog to collectively curate a non-virtual exhibition. Artists, critics and curators can contribute their ideas for the exhibition’s form and content and freely comment on them, thus the project is based on mechanisms of collaboration and active participation of those involved. The ultimate reason for using an open online format versus the traditional curatorial model is the transparency that the former offers, as well as its ability to thoroughly document the process.

    The purpose of the project and the exhibition itself is to review the various states of today’s photography that can be described by one word: postphotography. Rather than being a photography exhibition, the resulting event will be an exhibition about photography. The interdisciplinary project aims to look at photography as a part of the general context of contemporary art and trace its links with other media, such as sound or moving image, thus exploring it as a medium, not content.

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